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"life-x-zero is a seriously dark sounding techno-industrial dance group that borders on the edge of experimental. Thuddy beats trudge along, accented by noisy electronics and threatening sequences. Frenzied, mechanical racket thrashes about, accompanied by samples of political propaganda and gravely deep vocals. The lyrics of life-x-zero are equally intense and dark, often overwhelmed by the music and effects. Words of politics, power and terrorism are present; words of mankind's falling, personal and otherwise. It's all about struggle. "by Sublevel203

this site is hosted by A.Busch for as a project came to life in 1999 as a non-commercial industrial-gothic band.after creating and releasing disturbing sounds and songs and making a co-production with clumpfuss-corporation (book with cd) the project ended 2004. the project is not buried but is sleeping... ocT 2010 A.Busch for life-x-zero

mp3 downloads:

EYE13-7-3 (2001)
THIN ICE (2000)
THEY (2004)

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you were so fragile
tried to protect you
but the storm got closer
and the rain washed away all colours from my soul
and the wind blew away the flowers in my heart
how should i shelter you
when i can´t help myself
maybe i´m fragile too


like a frozen rose
from a darkened world
with winds of raging fury
leaving only shades of grey to dance with me
leaving only thorns to tear and hurt my heart
oh fragile frozen blue
deep frozen in stone
maybe i´m to fragile too

all words, music and pictures by life-x-zero


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